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Shhh, Swish and Sway will be smuggling a marquee full of petticoats, and dresses which won't please the Man from the Ministry into the Valley Gardens, Harrogate, this summer. Event details available at

  • Date: 23/06/2019 10:00
  • Location: Valley Gardens, Valley Drive, Harrogate, UK (Map)
  • More Info: Located in and around the Band Stand/Sun Pavilion


Don't tell that lot from the Ministry, but it's 1947 and a foreign chap called Christian Dior has come up with the very latest in fashion and called it 'the New Look'. You should see how much material is in those skirts - it's frankly extravagant, and the miserable old chaps from the Ministry of Clothing are beside themselves at the "outrageous waste of perfectly good cloth" and are demanding to know "What's wrong with Mother's old curtains if you want a new frock?".

We say boo to them and have sneaked in a marquee full of the latest fashions - the war IS over, chaps - and you can buy yours on the 23rd June. If you see a chap with a clipboard, bowler hat and about to have a heart attack, please steer him away from the yellow marquee, then sneak in whilst he's not looking.

See you there, but remember, the password for entry is "I'm sorry, I can't quite remember where I spent all my clothing vouchers"